Monday, 14 April 2014

Burberry Clash Spring/Summer 2015

AMFI offers half a year experience in Burberry Clash and this is the following collection to the last one - menswear Spring/Summer 2015. This time we also had to sew one outfit and have a "Burberry" photoshoot with it.

The concept - FUTURISTIC FABLES developed with wonderful people in a group of 6 - but also designs were discussed together to achieve the feeling of a one big collection.

A bit of process to visualize what designers actually have to do or choose to do in order to design a great collection.

That thing with the faces was for a silkscreen print for my hoody I made myself! (well the print is from Ernesto Artillo of course)

My lineup

And then I actually sewed the whole outfit of the first little man in my line-up. Besides that I silkscreened the print myself I also bleached and dyed the blue fabric of the hoody, silkscreened the yellow contrast on the inside of the jeans and also the lining inside the hoody is printed with our group as our own Burberry Clash check - so really a hands on sewing project I must say.

Photographer - Ron Stam
Model - Richard (Maxmodels)

There is also a video of the show: but it is kind of hell to watch because every student is mentioned and that takes forever.

That project was not for me at all I must say - the outcome does not represent me, yet it is always interesting if you get pushed out of your comfort zone.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Ernesto Artillo

A post honouring this amazing collage artist Ernesto Artillo has to be made prior to my next post with another street-wear collection since his work is the one we decided to use for yet another print collaboration - enjoy!

x Moona

Sunday, 16 February 2014

ZENIT autumn - winter 2013

Photographs captioned with my loyal Zenit in autumn and winter 2013 - around the wonderful Amsterdam, as much as i've had time to discover it next to school.

The monthly vintage and second-hand fair in IJ-hallen is so wonderfully random.

Sudden amusement park in the city centre.

On the way to home.

Lovely Noah

The "bird zoo" near our home.

Two for joy coffee roasting company - a super chill place to meet up with people.

My ears were recently introduced to this sweet tune:
Patrick Sweany - Them shoes

props to Martti

x Moona

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Marker man

Illustration done in the spirit of Burberry menswear. Ink and markers.
Guess the mysterious(so mysterious) man on the picture.

Figured this might fit here
Arctic Monkeys - Do I wanna know?

x Moona

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

F/W 2014 line-up

This is a complete line-up from my first project in AMFI. Overall 100 times more work was done but since it was a group collection with five other amazing designers I would just like to illustrate this huge project with my own illustrations of the whole collection. So here you go - Burberry Clash, a streetwear sub-brand created for Burberry, menswear Fall/Winter 2014. The prints are a collaboration with the artwork of Mati Klarwein.

BTW, for people who maybe consider applying to study design in AMFI in the coming future, keep in mind that this school is pretty much the definition of hardcore. Take it as you please.

x Moona

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Peppery paperwork

I'm a birdbrain and just discovered I haven't posted any excessive paperwork from the Moona Saul for The White Pepper project, which includes all the rest of the collection. Well here it is, with a slight delay of 3 months or so.

A few scans from the process portfolio

The line-up - the whole collection.

A few pages from the salesbook where every garment has a separate page with all the necessary information - the dryer side of fashion design.

 So here you go - the rest of my collection for The White Pepper.